5 Killer Push Notifications for Gaming Apps

Posted on June 12/06/18

Push Notification is an powerful tool for continual engagement with your app users. It provides live and personalized messaging environment that enables users to offer immediate attention to the desired action. Gaming is one of the domain of the mobile application where you need to boost engagement regularly to stay close with your application, or else they become someone’s business after all.

Importance of Push Notifications in Gaming App

Effective Push Notifications can bring both loyal and dormant users back to your game. It should help your players progress to the next level by some means when they leave the game after being stuck. Push notifications can also act as a channel to let your users know about recent updates or promotions.

Compacted push notifications will not only build healthy engagement, it can also develop brand loyalty that could be the greatest asset when you develop a different application. Poorly drafted ones, however, can annoy, disrupt, and even make players harsh against you.

So, in order to make your players engaged with your game, more than nature of the game, it is the push notifications that matters to hold the grip of your app users. Let’s look on some killer push notifications that can work quite well with your game app.

5 killer push notifications for gaming apps

Get to the point sometimes

There are users who play games on a daily basis. They are serious about where they are in a game and what they need to do to win against their others. So it’s good to get straight on those players with crisp notification rather than decorating information with attractiveness.

Don’t forget to notify them of important changes

Is there a new level added to your game, a new feature or something that might interest a player? Then don’t forget to notify them of it! This can create instant rush among players to re-launch the app as they have been longing for this information.

Rejoice App users

Use push notifications to make players feel that they are so special to the game. Deliver virtual rewards for their achievements in the game via push notification so that players get elated and will induce them to play more games to get more praises and rewards as one says no to happiness.

Engage with Location specific content

Your player could be playing your game during leisure hours in office or heading back home or waiting for someone at a mall. So why not use location to customize push notifications with influential words that can drive him to get back to your app. For instance, Pokemon Go area specific notification lets the player be aware of the lures in his current location and even put a sense of urgency in the message to nudge them to play right away!

Connect with your Circles

Game Pushes are not restricted in just delivering rewards to gamers, but also ensuring comfortability with the app by sharing the activity of your close circles connected to the same game. This gesture can delight especially new players to get in groove with the app by connecting with them and also invite to share offers with them.

Wrap Up

Gaming trend piles up each and every year, and app marketers need to have a complete idea on different types of push notifications that can be sent to gamers so that they can cast suitable one according to the situation, thereby growing the user base rather than being intact.

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