Push Notification Strategy to Welcome New Users

Posted on April 23/04/18

There’s no uncertainty that a proper onboarding campaign is essential to mobile marketing success. Your onboarding campaign is the first step to building a long-term relationship with your customers. Just one onboarding-related push notification sent during the first week of customer acquisition can be hugely powerful, helping to increase app retention rates by 71% over two months.

If you want new customers to stick around, you need to make sure that they discover what’s interesting, relevant and unique about your app during their first few visits. If you don’t convince them to return within the first week, you’re very likely going to lose them forever — there are just too many other things competing for their attention.

As that being said so, in this blog post we will be discussing how to build an effective user onboarding experience built in your app one that shows new customers how to use it effectively and clearly demonstrates your app’s value proposition.

So how can you make sure your onboarding-related messages, via push, set your users up for long-term engagement?

Welcome New Users In Real-time

To be effective, send your first welcome message to new subscribers right after they sign up. Upon download, messaging app LINE sends a push notification driving users to an in-app message (which is an under-utilized messaging channel), showcasing the app’s popular features, the ability to send stickers and messages. LINE could have just told users how to send stickers and messages, but leveraging push, the app company does a great job of showing instead.

Demonstrate benefits

Provide an interactive guide that shows you the most important features and there is a little popup on each screen with a short video showing you how to use the feature.”

Augment the benefits of opt-in

Reinforce the advantages of opting in to push notifications and how it can allow your app to offer users it's full value. Users who opt in to push notifications are retained at twice the rate of those who do not.

Offer Rewards

Go a step further and offer new users an incentive toward their first purchase to drive conversion.

Sign up for a free account today, start exploring how Walinns Push notification services help you to build a strong and smart user-onboarding campaign, that increases user engagement.

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