Multi Channel vs Omni Channel Marketing – Part 1

Posted on July 12/07/18

New Marketing strategies are booming up and again to cater insatiable preferences of customers in today’s digital age and now it has gone down to Omni Channel and Multi-Channel Marketing, two buzzwords that app marketers are highly acquainted off.

Users nowadays gate through at least 3 channels to complete a transaction or business goal of the app due to changing locations and device accessibility throughout the day. Omni Channel and Multi Channel Marketing revolve around this point.

What do they mean?

As the name implies, Multi Channel Marketing offers numerous way for customers to interact with the applications in the form of providing accessibility to reach out the product in every possible channel where users go through the day. Similar to Multi Channel, Omni Channel marketing offers multiple channel support but along with that, they connect all channel experiences associated with a particular user to provide free flowing experience.

At first glance, it may seem like both terms are almost similar in the pursuit of reaching out customers through variety of channels, but the difference lies in the approach.

Omni Channel over Multi Channel

Multi Channel Marketing Strategy offers customer support for all user available channels so that business can meet customers on the channels that they prefer using. In multi channel approach, the conversations and actions made by the users on different channels are independent to each other, thereby providing disjointed user experience.

Imagine, you were searching for some gadget in a desktop application few hours ago in home. Multi Channel marketing encourages you with notifications to peep into the mobile version of the same application, not into the page that you were searching in PC few hours ago as they do not share customer information across channels.

By the time you launch into the app, you might have forgot your search need and finally end up, buying nothing. This is the reason why multi channel marketing is more of a channel oriented approach than customer satisfaction.

Omni channel marketing have more concern for customer experience than expanding the brand across multiple channels by ensuring a seamless connections for shoppers as the context and customer history is shared across channels.

The shirt that you viewed on your PC are exactly the same ones you saw while scrolling news feed in Facebook and the same one you received an email about when they went on for flat sale weeks later. This type of marketing holds proper conviction and it is device specific, and most importantly, customized based on your browsing pattern.

And also, Omni Channel provides uniform and quality experience to customers through each and every channel whereas Multi Channel Marketing sets high priority for engagement of channels than providing continuity and regularity across customer channels.

Closing In

Multi Channel and Omni Channel are six years old and still it is never ending discussion in Marketing forums and conferences and it will continue forever. At the end of this article, you may feel like omni channel approach would be your obvious choice. In the Part 2 of the article, we will throw some situations where Multi Channel Marketing is too preferable over Omni Channel.

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