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Posted on June 13/06/18

Among millions of apps in the app store, finding your app in the top list is a biggest task for mobile app publishers. We need to understand one thing that the mobile devices slowly surpassed the desktops. So, how would you concentrate to top list your app. App store optimization techniques will help marketers to bring up your app among competitors.

Now, let’s see what is app store optimization and how effective is it for mobile apps? App store optimization is a process of optimizing your app to rank it high in the app store and among millions of apps. Increase your traffic by increasing the app visibility in the app store. Fix the oscillation state of your app from failure to success by using app store optimization.

Rank your app high in the app store with the help of these instruments of ASO

Create a descriptive app title within 50 characters

Title is vital in bringing the user inside the app store to download your app. So, first impression should be the best to nail your brand uniquely. Include important keywords inside the title to improve the search crawl.

Optimizing with a keyword in the title increases search ranking for that title by 10.3%!. Try to include characters less than 50 in your title and make it simple for user to understand easily.

Choose keyword after a proper research, because keyword will bring more traffic to the app. During your app growth, by reviews and mostly word of mouth users will be searching your app in app store, on that basis if you keep changing your app title often for keywords, your app name won’t reach out as you expected

Utilize your keyword under 100 characters

To target your audience you need to concentrate on keywords, analyze which keywords is used often by the app users and implement it to increase the search ranking of your app. Get to know about the commonly used app keywords and check whether your app title has those keywords, if yours is unique then it’s hard for you to top rank your app. Analyze your competitors keywords using ASO to know the keyword they use to stay on top, utilize it to increase your app ranking.

Consider using more relevant keyword in your title so while searching, the app will be listed in the top list. The below listed are few tips to get a best keyword for your application

While searching for keywords try to avoid conjunctions and prepositions as keywords.

Use words more than phrases

Use top keyword in the title

Use digits instead of spelling out numbers

Spend time for app icon

Paying attention to your app icon is of no vain because user get to remember your app with the app icon and app name. It is always important asset to take in count. App icons values your brand.

To get an idea about how to create an attractive icon for your app, analyze top rated apps in the app store you can get an idea about the color shades, sizes and other features that will enhance the app value. Try to do A/B testing for your app icons to get the best one, because they pay more value for your brand.

Provide optimized App store description

Your app description is the marketing tool for your app, try the provide a killer content in the first three lines of the app description, because that is going to pull-in the user to read more about the product and also to download your application. Creating user attractive content may be a challenge for you but it is the potential tool to gain users.

The app description is just like a call-to-action point for users to download and install it, so try to provide a detailed description about the product but do not dump all the technical words inside.

Try to provide in bulleted points rather than big paragraphs

Provide information about the version of the app

Provide user friendly content

Display your best features with Screenshots

Like the app icons, the screenshots which you provide must also be gravitating the users. People are more visual in nature, treat them by providing an eye catchy screenshots. Statistics states that most of the people won’t swipe more than two screens in your app, so display your latest app screenshots

Display a high resolution image of your app

Your first two screenshots should render your app’s pivotal features

While providing any content in your screenshot, make sure it does not lose its readability

Update your app regularly

Your present app version is branding and is top listed, along with it try updating your app on a regular basis. Because the app store analyzes your app updates, so as your users and it’s no wonder that they get bored with the old features of your app.

Updation has to be regular to fix bugs and rectify the user defined flaws and errors. Comply your changes with app store policies, that will reflect in optimizing your ranking.

Visualize your app preview in a video

A survey states that adding videos with your app in the app store will increase the conversions from 25-30%. Create an eye pulling video which displays all your app features and workings for short span for about 15-30 secs. App store even suggests for promoting your app feature videos, a good video will drive in more customers which will increase the user downloads and app ranking as well.

Ask for Ratings and reviews from loyal users

A study found that 59% users will download apps with high ratings. With the app ratings the value of the app is perceived. Both the ratings and reviews creates a great impact on ASO, but most of the users who download your app won’t be rating it or reviewing it. In that case, you can provide an yes or no option for users so that it will be easy for them to rate and review your app.

Positive feedbacks values the app’s quality in the ranking process. You can even send push notification to users at right time to get their ratings and review. If your ratings and reviews are high it denotes your user satisfaction. Most importantly try to hide your negative feedback displaying explicitly to other users and also respond to their reviews as soon as possible to retain back them.

Localize your app

While launching your app in global market, you will have customers worldwide to make your reach to all the users try to uses their common languages apart from english. If english is the only means of language of your app then your locking your app’s growth and users from using it. Localize your app languages according to the geography because most of the customers try using their language even they know english.

The app store itself will provide you options to change the language to make discoverability and readability easier for the customers worldwide. Starting changing the app title and app description if that leads to more user conversions, then try changing the screenshots and reviews in different languages. This increases the adoption and conversion to your app

Wrapping up

With the insights about the app store optimization and strategies, keep tracking your app progress, ASO is always a continuous process, find more ways and strategies to improve your app rankings. ASO needs a regular analysis, check-ins, trial and error process with the app listings to increase the app rate in the app store.

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