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Posted on June 11/06/18

A good email marketing converts a better revenue and retention rate. Though we have ocean of social media and their marketing strategies, sending emails is always creates its own path in capturing users.

A survey conducted by the Michigan Beekeepers’ Association revealed that 79% of respondents prefer to receive emails, more than any other medium.Also, you are six times more likely to get a click-through from an email campaign than you are from a tweet.

According to a 2017 study from Radicati, there are over 3.7 billion email users worldwide, and that number is steadily rising.

The count may be surprising but the truth is we are not aware of the power of email marketing, with all other social media, email marketing remains one of the best marketing channels even in creating revenue.

So, with email marketing we could make any strategy to work out well and app user retention is no exclude. The reason behind any user to stop using your app may vary but individual user attention can create an impression to bring them back to your brand.

Tactics to Re-engage retained users using Emails

With these tactics you can make email marketing as the best marketing channel to retain users.

Personalized content

Even with so many cutting edge strategies to increase user engagement and retention like social media, we use email as the tool to retain users, because we provide individual attention to the user

While in any personalized it would be better and more engaging if the greeting is like “Dear Brown” than “Dear valued customer”. When the greet is with their name it makes the churned users feel that you provide personal attention to them, not one among the thousands. A study on email strategies renders that personalized emails deliver 6x higher transaction rates! More the transaction rate can increase the engagement rate by decreasing the retention rate.

In any personalized emails try to send real reply to the users rather while sending personalized emails try to send real reply to the users rather than any automated one. Also, when the email with the content to retain user back has“” in it, there occurs no conversion because when they tend to get back to you with some queries and when they see “do not reply”, it annoys the users. Try attracting your churned user and try to retain them back with personalized emails.

Segment your users

“Always no two inactive users are alike”, when you find there is an increase in your app retention rate, you will find various channels that brings them back to your app,(and work on it) that’s the regular thought occurs. Anyways which one would you choose to retain users back? Well, if it is email marketing you chose the right one. Now, You are preparing all the emails well and deliver it, still it’s not opened by user? You’re not the only one who face it !! here you schedule your emails according to your user.

The urge to retain back all the users towards your app using emails but sending the same content to all your users won’t create an impression in them to comeback. With the clear insight about every user’s previous engagement with the app, segregate them and then notify through emails.

Let’s go with an example, here I get an email from my language learning tutorial

Hey jones,

Hope you enjoyed learning in the language classes!!

How about learning the most used language (french) which bring you more benefit in a low cost and in a short span.

Engage with the course by just filling this one form

Thank you !!!

So, this was the email which the tutorial sent to retain back their churned users after a session with an update about their other feature. The email was catchy but their fault there is the segmentation.

The particular email content will be received by all the churned, where the one who received the email is already taking the course. Though the email content is worthy it brings no conversions

Segmentation helps you to segregate the users and then follow them up individually. Targeted emails always evokes feelings in the other receiver end, targeted emails must be with rich and crisp content because every user of yours value their time more than your brand. Statistics differentiates the non-segmented and segmented user email click through open and revenue rate. The first non-segmented email earned an impressive 42 % open rate and a 4.5% click-through rate. However, the segmented email campaign earned a 94% open rate and a 38% click-through rate!

Engage the users back to your app, advocate the importance and features of your app through continuous follow ups. Your emails can be scheduled, as you know no user will squeeze the product till the end to understand its features. So, when they got churned segment them and provide a brief details about your app and how much you value them.

Mobile friendly emails

Previously the percentage of users responding to email marketing through mobile devices was 27%, by 2017 it was about 42%. And now it is as high as 54%!! These are huge numbers!

This resource shows that we the users are using mobile phones more than our pc’s or tablets. Concentrating to provide a mobile friendly email content is a gaining point, your churned users may be using mobile devices to view the email contents you send. So, if the email is not modified and presented for mobile view there you fail to bring back your user.

Because, even though your email is content rich the user first scrolls down and get to see the screen view, when that is not responsive then they will have no intention to read the content. While preparing email content prepare one which is responsive for all devices to grab more attention which in turn retains users.

Pique excite the user curiosity

Now, you have decided to provide a personalized email by segmenting your user based on their previous action and you have planned to provide mobile friendly emails too. Is that all enough to retain them back to your brand?. If you know the answer then you’re in the right path to retain them. Your content matters it is the important to grab their attention, provide rich content about your app and their features to the users.

Increase the user’s curiosity with your headlines, create your headlines with your name and purpose so it will provide a clear idea to the user that the email is in specific for them from you. Because there comes thousands of emails for your users and it is no wonder when your content rich email get drowned among those.

Re-engaging a churned user is easily possible when you make them feel that they are your priority, you win there as a brand owner. So you made the user to open the email with your headline now it is the next responsibility to provide killer content to make them understand that your app is worth coming back and using it.

Optimize your email clicks with A/B testing

The feature A/B testing is the best feature to test the best fitting killer strategy to grab the user and make them re-engage with the app. In email marketing it’s not possible always to test every single mail you send to your example, a better tactic is to group users and then do A/B testing with the email contents.

Concentrating on every single aspect of emails is the better way but it would be quiet time consuming too. So develop a flock of email content patterns try A/B testing to get the best fit

Example, segregate users and implement your email content patterns to each group, the pattern which brings more number of returning users to the app can be considered as the best fit.

Cluster user based on actions and email

An app has its users worldwide, so providing common email campaigns won’t workout. To create an attention for universal users you need to work according to their geography and demography. Time plays the major role there, your point of projection should be the exact time which makes the user open the email and get them engaged.

Example, a net series channel (Netflix) wants its churned users to get back again into the app, there you can segregate users based on demography their subscriptions and then can shoot your emails to them.


“Stand out of the crowd” standing out of the crowd means trying something unique with grabs your user back to the brand. Don’t make it more marketing rather don’t forget the reason who sent the email. With all these powerful features of email marketing retaining back users and making it as a lost word is easy accomplishing.

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