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Posted on May 22/05/18

The gaming market has been growing steadily for a couple of decades, and in 2018 it has reached historic numbers. China, the world's largest gaming market seems to be leading the way in terms of revenue generated through video games. In 2017, China produced one-quarter of all gaming income worldwide, more than USA and Germany combined.

The revenue generation of the top 10 companies on gaming apps. Currently, the Asia-Pacific region is home to nearly 1 billion of gamers, a half of the entire gaming population in the world. Although gaming is often associated with younger generations, an approximate 15% of gamers worldwide are aged between 51 and 65. In addition, 63% of all gamers in 2018, are from 21 to 50 years of age. These numbers clearly show that video games are played much more frequently by adults than the teenagers or children.

Tools the app developers use to leverage the app

Providing a successful app and not tracking its journey in the market will never bring the expected revenue. Tracking some of the metrics which will help to engage the user is a must in the current scenario. How to analyze the users using the app? We have engagement tools to fetch insights about the user. Track your user activities

User is the one of those fundamental metrics to be tracked and analysed to have a good long term engagement of the user. How to segment users in a gaming app? For a gaming app, it is developed based on category. The categories like gaming app for kids say, alphabet arrangement, puzzle solving which has to be built and tracked based on children. The gaming apps for teenagers can be listed with features like more liveliness and interesting .

Tracking the daily active users (DAU), monthly active users (MAU) and weekly active users (WAU) is essential, the number of active users must be higher than the number of new users, more the users recurring more will be the engagement with the app. we can get a clear idea of how many users downloaded the app and how many actively use it.

Count your app launch and session duration

App launch shows how many times your app was opened in a single day. Downloading an app is completely different from keep using it every day. With app launches we can analyse the key users like the one which enjoy your app, keep coming back to it and their view of your app on a necessity level. When the game is more interesting and engaging, users will return regularly no matter what the cost for it. Developers must create exciting games to engage more number of users, when we have millions of gaming apps in the market.

Session duration

Splitting the process of the app into various sessions to analyze user’s activity in the app. it shows how frequently users engage with your app, it can be a good indicator of the user experience. For example, if your audience is opening the gaming app more frequently on the smartphone than on the tablet, it might mean it’s more useful on the go, and that you might need to improve the features in your game that can be consumed whenever desired. It brings ideas about what updates in the app triggers changes in the app session duration.

Keep an eye on screenflow

Knowing the ScreenFlow of your app and how the user sail through your app is it that important? Indeed, ScreenFlow analysis in gaming app and its value can never be replaced by any other metric.

Gaming app is developed based on the screens, it should be easily to use for the users to engage with the app. When screenflow is bad in an app it indicates a bad app.

Track the user activity is your app, the screenflow varies for different apps. Example , in games like candy crush there will more swiping than moving to various screens. So, there swiping matters, the user activity can be measured there where they feel difficult. Other gaming apps like NFS user users navigate through more screens to complete the level, there screenflow matters and it has to be taken care to provide an engaging environment.

Screenflow anticipates the conversion rates and user drop-offs, tracking the number of users visiting the screen, navigating through various screens and they leave in the screen will help to analyze the drop off rates, why they leave the particular screen. Knowing this we can redesign the screen accordingly to engage more users or inculcate them about the feature importance to make them get through the app screen.

Metrics to yield good user engagement

Monitor the kpi’s metrics to provide get long term user engagement.

Event tracking

What are events in an app? Why is it important in analytics?. We will educate you about it, it’s simple every user action/clicks is called an event. Track the events by segregating users based on their actions have done.

Events are important in gaming apps, each level in the game is considered to be an event. So tracking them is vital, it will provide data on where the user get engaged more, which particular level they go through easily and where they take longer duration to complete the level.

Categories the user based on the action they did/didn’t, to have an idea about where they lack, the reason behind it and how to engage them back. Walinns provide you the event tracking with more technical features in it.

The event level 1 passed can be tracked based on first and last time the event is done.

The graph displays the details of number of users completed the event on particular date


A conversion funnel is the entire process app users go through – from the very first moment they encounter the app, to the moment they make an in-app purchase. Why is it important: Analyzing conversion funnels allows you to spot issues in the user experience and user engagement. When part of a qualitative analytics platform, conversion funnels also allow you to zoom in on specific sessions of users who dropped from your funnels. Walinns funnels will help you to analyse the conversion happened and where the users drop off easily.


Analyzing and tracking your app thoroughly and continuously is suffice. Engage the metrics to analyse and engage your users for a long time. Try walinns dashboard which provides all the technical feature of analyzing your app like event tracking, segmentation, funnels and cohort analysis.

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