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Posted on June 20/06/18

With millions of apps in the google play store and apple store, it is really challenging to stand out from the crowd and get recognized. Achieving top rank and loyal customers is not impossible, it is possible through keen analysis on user behavior, working on their feedbacks and implementing essential metrics. Every app marketers will follow the same to increase their engagement, so how to get top listed in the app store? Think out of box, bring in your creative ideas and imposed it with your team, always target your audience work with your creative crew. Let’s discuss some strategies to increase the app downloads and engage users in your app.

App Store Optimization

A survey states that almost 40% of all app gets discovered in the app store, so optimizing your app to get high rank in the app and google play store values.

Customers search for your in-app store by knowing through word-of-mouth, make simple names for your app and also make sure that you have attached your important feature keyword in the app title.

Provide an enticing app icon and grab user attention with your preview videos and screenshots. ASO consumes time and effort but the resultant is a standard for your app.

Search Engine Optimization

Many of the apps in the store are found through search engines, so build web links for your sites and bring traffic to your site. How to achieve the traffic? Follow these ways to bring in more traffic

Keywords are important in driving more users to your app, before getting settled with a set of keywords make sure whether they were under the popular search category. Include your keywords for indexing and that indexing provides context for your main title keyword.

Backlinking is one of the best ways to increase trafficking in your sites, analyze your competitors and high authority sites, try to bring backlinks from them to your sites. Creating traffic from popular sites will tend to reach the number of customers which increase the app downloads.

Content matters!!, you have provided a site to get more traffic, make sure that your content is valid and increases user engagement. Try to provide contents that are relevant to the queries asked on your website, which proves that you take steps to make them stay in your website

Content Marketing

Content marketing is an indirect way of grabbing your user attention, hard to believe? It’s the truth, you can advertise your product to your customers, be provided the knowledge which they asked for and also your promotion.

To begin with, start providing content campaigns for a set of targeted users, use your content asset to make them download and also to advocate about your app, which brings more number of downloads without spending much time on it.

Be updated with your content on the current trending, make sure that your content is evergreen and inspiring for your customers and also for your competitors. Unlike other strategies, content marketing is effective all the time, because people do search for details results all the time.

App Free at Launch

Providing free app service is like a tactic to increase your user downloads, firstly try to deliver a full description of your app and its features with few screenshots and videos. Because your app is free, the user will explore your app by looking at your app features it claims. After getting numerous downloads you can then monetize it.

If you have released your app as paid service, without any further delay launch it as a free app, then you can experience an increase in your app downloads and installs. The tactic works because once your user got attached to your app and it’s valuable features, they will never tend to churn.

Social Media Sharing

To build your community and get recognized use social media, old or new app it doesn’t matter. Social media will help you to engage more users and to build a good social media community

You have decided to start your sharing on social media, pick the correct media that will reach you too more users. Example, if it is technical business related you can get more response through LinkedIn if your business is fashion related then LinkedIn is not better you can prefer Instagram and Facebook.

Make sure to provide 80% of content and 20%of CTA, posting articles and contents regularly will get more response, engage with the 80/20 method to build your community and also to increase downloads.

Ensure that your app is crash-free

Attaining more user downloads is a hard task, if you have achieved it then you have reached halfway through your success path, but you get few comments on app crashing. When app crash occurs users will show their grievance through feedbacks and reviews, it has both good and bad, knowing the faults in your app is good meanwhile displaying the negative feedback to other users is not so good.

To avoid, you can immediately fix the issues and can delete the negative feedbacks. To know your app crash, you can track the app crash rate and also the churn rate reasons. With continuous testing and modification identify all the bugs and ensure to provide a crash-free app

Ask for Rate and Review

No user will download your app without seeing the reviews and ratings of your app. App users will rely on other app users reviews and ratings. When your app has very few ratings and reviews then your conversion will also be low.

The app store takes ratings and reviews into account when they rank your app. Try to get reviews either it can be positive or negative, positive reviews and ratings bring in more downloads, while negative feedback helps to identify the negative side of your app, find it and rectify it as soon as possible. Now, how to effectively make users rate and review? Push notification is the effective tool, push notify them rate and review at the right time, track their app session length when they hit your target notify them to review, this will increase more review rate, engagement, and downloads.

End of the line

With the increase in mobile apps, we get new apps every day and every week with new features, in this environment running your app in the top list is a hard task, but with the continuous tracking of user experiences and feedback, analyzing strategies to increase downloads and user engagement, tweaking the app features and marketing campaigns, making your brand to rank high is easy.

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