How to Push Right Push Notifications

Posted on April 05/04/18

As more and more brands embrace apps to connect with their consumers, push notifications have become a standard channel of communication between app marketers and users. Evidently, it has also turned out to be one of the widely misused marketing channel leading users to uninstall the apps at large scale.

In this article we will discuss few strategies on how to send right push notifications at right time.

Time Zone

Your users are all across the globe and you cannot target them all with notifications sent out for a single time zone. A Monday sale notification will not work for users in the part of the world where it is a Tuesday today.

Push notifications have come a long way from when they were still in their nascent stage. Today it is possible to schedule alerts according to time zones and ensure they are least disturbing. Scheduling your notifications is one of the must do’s if you are sending out notifications. Send out alerts at a particular time and day, and make sure that your users around the world receive the notification at the same time.


Push Notification needs to value each and every user of your app to expect loyalty for a long time. Mentioning the name of the app user in the push notification content, while targeting individual will convey your love for users that excites them to maximize their engagement in the application.

Setting Up Right Frequency

Not just the timing, but also the frequency or the intervals at which you send out your push notifications plays an important role in making them effective. Though sending reminders or notifications repeatedly can boost recall value, making it too frequently and you will only put off your users. For eCommerce apps, such as fashion or apparel brands, the right frequency would be three to four times a day for an ongoing sale or seasonal discount.

Use Of Influential Words

Words are powerful enough to trigger emotions. Push Notification content demands such powerful words in a right measure to create a sense of urgency for app users to execute immediate actions to enjoy more benefits from the app. It can also be used as a marketing strategy to improve goal conversions. Example: important, Hurry, Free, Breaking, Limited etc.

Plan Your Campaign Strategy

Is long year-end holiday season arriving in a month or so? You’ll need to gear up for your push notification campaigns beforehand. Sync up your event calendar and notification schedule. Make sure that general notifications do not overlap with campaign specific notifications. Not to forget, during campaign pushes, it becomes all the more important to set the right frequency for your notifications. Sending too many notifications will only make your users miss out on the important ones.

Prior Pushes

Is there a ‘good day’ to send out your notifications? Any fixed day of the week that will fetch you more click-throughs or conversions than a notification sent out on some other day? While you cannot pick a day from your week that shows you better results than the other, it always makes sense to send reminder alerts just one day before the actual sale or event.

Wrap Up

Knowing the line between reaching your customers and annoying them with push notification timing can be tricky, but if done right your push notifications can be incredibly effective at getting your right message out. As long as you work on your timing, your message, and your target, your push notifications can help you convert more customers than you thought possible.

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