How to Reduce App Uninstalls

Posted on April 09/04/18

More than thousand’s apps being created and added to the iOS app store and Google Play Store every day. How long does a user actually keep an app for and what are their reasons for uninstalling?

Although each app is different from others, there are some common motives that we will discuss in this blog, that leads to app uninstall.

A recent study has revealed that 64% churn rate(of mobile app users who downloaded an app) in the first month itself. Move a little up to 3 months and the churn goes as high as 80%.

So, why users uninstall apps?

Loading Time

People use apps because they want answers instantly. The main purpose of the app is to deliver the service to users instantly without any delay, and if something is taking too long, users move to your competitors. If your app spends more than 6 seconds, there is a high chance that people will uninstall your apps.

Awful UX/UI

User experience and interface design is so key to the app that if a user finds the navigation confusing and cannot get to the gratification quickly, they're likely to simply delete your mobile app.

UI and UX are not just about how the app looks, but also about how easy it is for the user have their problem resolved through your app quickly. A good UX is a factor of how well you understand the user's problem that you intend to solve to help them resolve quickly and also a factor of understanding who your customers are--their profile.

Too Many Features

Does your mobile app pack in too many features? If with the first version you're trying to do too many things or address too many problems within the same app, you're not building a strong value proposition for your users.

The best apps are those that do one thing, and they do that one thing damn well. Of course, over a period of time through user feedback and natural extension of use cases, the scope of features your app offers will expand, but on day one, having a clear proposition and that communicated to the user will help them identify the app for that specific problem or solution.

Push Notifications

Push notifications is one of the best methods to send important information to your users with the condition they opt-in to receive your messages. But if they enabled this service, it doesn’t mean that you can attack them with all kinds of silly announcements during the entire day(and night!).

To fix that you need to follow users’ behavior and to figure out what is the proper time of day you should send them messages and make sure you send them only useful content. For users outside your country, don’t forget to translate the notifications and to check their time zone.

Privacy Invasion

Privacy is a problem for many users. They don’t want to share too much personal data and they must control the amount of information processed by your app. To be sure they don’t feel suspicious about their data, you need to offer them as many options as possible when they need to sign in for your app.

They should be able to connect using their email or their social media accounts. If it is not necessary to ask them to log in then skip this part and think about offering them some clues about the advantages of using your app before you ask them to sign in.

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