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Posted on April 10/04/18

Every brand wants their app users to keep using their app as a routine process. But that’s not the case in most of the time. A recent study reveals that most of the apps are not been used by the users after 3 days of their first launch

There are a lot of aspects(UX/UI/Value Propositions, Speed) need to be considered and measured when people abandon your apps. App Marketers need a solution/tool that can help them to build a strong and viable relationship with the users, and when they leave, they need a powerful medium that can help them to reach them back and increase the app engagement for strong growth.

In this article, we’ll be discussing how to use “push notifications” effectively to win back the users and increase the app engagement for the strong growth.

Before we dive in, a small recap of “Push Notifications”

Push notifications are one of the most effective marketing tools for keeping mobile consumers active. Push notifications, when used intelligently, are a good way to bring inactive users back into your app. In fact, retention for users who opt-in to push notifications is much higher, on average. Why? Because you can speak directly to these users and deliver clear value. Through push notifications, you can provide Thoughtful reminders. Personalized offers. Breaking news. Account status alerts. You get the idea. When you can show this kind of direct personal value, you’re much more likely to retain them long term.

It’s best to warm up to asking for a user to opt in through in-app messages that explain the value of enabling push. You’ll want to wait for the best time to ask and do so in a clear way.

It may be harder to get someone back after an opt-out, but if you can demonstrate value and relevance through a re-permission campaign, you can encourage users to give push another chance.

Personalize Messages With Dynamic Content

Your users will love getting messages that are useful, personalized, and relevant. The difference from a generic campaign is staggering, with up to 3x higher conversion. Greet them with the First name, if it’s a sports app greet them when their team wins matches or any custom content logic you can imagine, that will make them close to your app.

Create An End-To-End Experience With Deep Links

When you tap on a push message, you want to be taken to the exact place in the app that’s relevant to that message. With Walinns, you can use dynamic profile content in deep links to make personalized, relevant connections when someone engages with a message. Use personalized deep links to direct users to content recommended just for them. For example, a push notification promoting a new issue of your magazine could link users to different articles based on their favorite article category.

Reach Users In Their Native Language And Time Zone

Apps don’t have borders. With users around the world, you can’t use one language or time zone to send your messages. Reach the users at right time and the right place. A recent study has revealed that 20% increase sending push notifications in their native languages.

Send Rich Personalized Notifications

Do incorporate rich images, audio, and video. Now that both Android and iOS 10 support images and other exciting lock screen features, make the most of them boost engagement.

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