Measure App User Drop-Offs With Walinns

Posted on May 3,2018

You can use Walinns to analyze app users drop off, which visualize how many users complete each of series of steps in your app. For example, the series of steps in funnels can be a conversion process that results in a purchase, or some other intended user behavior.

By monitoring funnels, you can assess whether conversion rates have improved because of changes made to your app or because of a Walinns campaign messages.

After you specify which steps belong in your funnel, the View funnel page displays a chart like the following example:

walinns funnel

This example chart shows the percentage of users who complete each step in the process of purchasing a product in an e-commerce app. By comparing the values between columns, you can determine the drop off rates between steps.

To create a funnel, you specify each event that is part of the conversion process you want to analyze. Your app reports these events to Walinns Analytics platform as long as it integrates Walinns Mobile Analytics through one of the supported Walinns SDKs.

When you add events to your funnel, you can choose any event that is reported by your app.

Your app can report the following types of events:

Walinns System Events – System Events are events recorded automatically after you integrate our SDK. Includes events such as “App Installed, App Launch, App Uninstall, Notification Sent, Notification Clicked.

Custom events – Defined by you to monitor activities specific to your app, such as completing a level in a game, posting to social media, or setting particular app preferences.

For information about creating events using the Walinns Mobile SDK for Android or the Walinns Mobile SDK for iOS, see Generating Mobile Analytics Events in the Walinns Mobile Analytics User documentation.

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To create a funnel

Sign in to the Walinns Analytics Platform: If you haven’t created account? Go ahead and Create a free account.

On the Walinns Analytics homepage, choose the app for which you want to create a funnel.

On the Analytics page, choose Funnels. The Funnels page opens, and it displays any previously defined funnels.

For Funnel name, type a custom name to make the funnel easy to recognize later.

To create the funnel, specify the events that you want to add to the funnel chart. For each event, specify the following: Name – A name for the funnel chart. Event – The event type reported by your app to Walinns SDK’s

Users can add up to a maximum of 4 steps, choose the add (+) button.

Unlike other normal funnels, Walinns Funnels not only shows the overall event conversion rate but also the number of user drop-offs in each stage to makes it clearer for app marketers to pinpoint the areas of improvement and work on it to make sure users reach the stage of conversion.

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