User Retention With Walinns Cohorts

Posted on April 03/04/18

A successful product is not just defined by how many people downloaded, or how many people using it, but (also) its about how many people are using it frequently. In other words- “user retention”

As we’re witnessing new tools to build and deliver apps quickly, we have to start to focus on making people return to the app, transforming them to regular users and giving you various chances for monetization.

In this article, we will discuss how to measure user retention with Walinns cohort analysis.

How To Measure User Retention

Do you want to know how successful is your app? You can find the answer if you start tracking retention. Few people may argue that engagement is the best way to go- but remember that not every app are not created equal, and while some (for example, Shazam) might have fairly low engagement, others (Facebook) might have it high. That doesn’t mean both apps won’t be able to monetize properly, which is why it is best to focus on retention.

Retention is a metric allowing you to see how many people are returning to the app, and as you try to engage with them, retention will help you understand which parts of your app are working and which are not. This will help you make tweaks in order to keep your users coming back for more. By constantly making improvements, you will keep your users and keep that conversion rate high.

Retention With Walinns Cohorts

Walinns cohort analysis allows you to understand how often users are returning, in a set period of time. That is best done through cohort analysis, which groups together people who have started using your app at approximately the same time and shows you, in percentages, how many are returning.

Through cohort analysis, you can look for specific patterns in behavior, identifying your most loyal users, as well as those that were the first to quit. By looking at specific groups, cohort analysis can help you figure out if your retention strategies are bearing fruit or not.

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