The Pros and Cons of Buying vs. Developing Your Own Tracking Platform

Posted on May 19/05/18

In today’s app world, before even making plans on how to build a domain based mobile application, talks would be there on how to effectively analyze our app for better feature improvements and monetization in the upcoming years. Those results can be more than just a positive change, considering the fact that those are remarks or feedbacks from people from all walks of life. That’s why an app analytics platform is a powerful tool for any new apps being developed.

Tracking the app user behavior with the highly interactive platform can be achieved/done in two ways. It could be caring on your own or assign someone to care your analytics platform. Both sides have their own quality and performance measures and it is the right time to know when one can be applied based on your project by analyzing the pros and cons of building and buying an app tracking platform.

Building on your own

Nothing could be so satisfying and complete than doing it on your own. Designing your own platform offers a lot of flexibility for the developers carefully choosing the components well suited to track your developed app, with no compromise on comfortability. Having your own analytics platform provides greater control over data being collected to process from where it is located to how it can be used effectively to visualize charts in dashboard.

Even though platform outsourcing is easy compared to building platforms, there seem to be few shortcomings on that too. Finding the perfect analytics platform based upon your requirement is purely time-consuming and also you cannot alter the features provided by the platform if you need to as it is predefined in the platform.

On the downhill of owning an analytics platform, it requires a lot of time, patience, resources and human energy in order to mend it good so that it can sometimes come in clash with a core mission of the development company by the necessity to concentrate too much on designing analytics platform. Once designed, it doesn’t mean you can rest on it. You have to continuously monitor for internal support and must invest research on execution and testing whenever you wish to add any new feature to your platform.

Buying platforms

On paper, it feels like building your own platform seems satisfied and convinced, but with its maintenance and harder integration methods, it is better to go on buying an app analytics platform from any third parties as they all have a dedicated team exclusively to build and maintain your platform so that you don’t need to worry upon analytics part and can focus more on developing the core app.

The best part of buying the platform is that you can have access to all advanced features created by experts that can be useful to track your apps better, which is quite a long way when designed on your own. With integrations made easy, buying a platform can be more convenient for those, who don’t like to design it. At the onset, it would sound like building your own platform is cheaper than buying it but in the long run, investing in third-party services proves to be cost-effective taking account of time, resources, and compensation that you have to do for building it under your own risk.

Analytics Platform services also offer you features to promote your app via marketing campaigns right at your doorsteps to bring in prospects and monetization within minutes whereas building it becomes a mammoth task.

Thus, with all said, start off your app analytics journey by deciding on which one of these could be implemented, considering the features and complexity of your mobile application.

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