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Posted on April 10/04/18

Over a period a time, we have seen a major shift in the way app marketers look at growth. One of the most prominent change is the manner in which “app retention metrics have taken a precedence over app acquisition” numbers.

There used to be a time, where mobile acquisition metrics was considered the most important one. Today, however, things have changed and app ecosystem has evolved a lot, marketers want to know how many numbers of times a “user interacts with their apps within the first 30 days of installation”.

App Marketers have realized that it is important to build a viable retention strategy that has sustained app growth which ensures that your users are obsessed onto your app and keep coming back for more.

In this blog post, we will break down 5 important strategies that app marketers need to consider in order to have a strong retention numbers.

Fixing Your User Onboarding Flow

Most accomplished app marketers persist in reiterating the benefits of an engaging onboarding experience for app users. Focussing on the app’s value proposition, its core features, and showing users what they need are popular onboarding tactics.

Use of Call-To-Action (CTA), the significance of an easy sign-up process, and onboarding designs are other pivotal approaches. Such tactics are pretty obvious, and any marketer should know them.

In-App Messages

In-app messages and push notifications are two remarkable channels for increasing mobile app engagement. The more engaged your users, the more they’ll use your app. A recent study has revealed that apps that send in-app messages show 2-3.5x higher user retention and 27% more app launches than apps that do not.

Push Notifications

The retention rate is higher for apps that include push notifications as a part of their engagement strategy as opposed to apps that do not. It is also found that apps that send push notifications can increase their retention number by 20%, and if they do so at an optimal time, they can see a 7x better rate by day 30.

Lure Your Users By Providing Gifts(Voucher/Coupons/Coins)

A user will interact with your app as long as they see coherent value in it, such as by the use of incentives. Apps like Airbnb and other apps have successfully used an incentive driven referral model as a growth channel. This retention strategy helped them “increase their sign-ups by 300% per day!”

Data Is The New Oil

Last but not the least, analyzing retention data is key to building a strong retention strategy, and that’s where marketers depend on cohorts. Cohorts help them compare how different set of users take app-based actions on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

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