Tips to Improve App store Rating

Posted on May 17/05/18

Today tons of app is developed and deployed to provide solutions for daily needs. Getting a high rating on App store is an effective way to increase your download rates, because people tend to download your app without any second thought, if your app rating is above 4, on the scale of 5

Here are few tips that will be helping you to improvise your app store rating

App Iteration:

No app user likes an outdated version. So, Iterate your app. Try Resolving the bugs and test it frequently. When you update, ask them for honest reviews.

Enjoying Notes 5.1?

Tap a star to rate it on the App Store

Know when to ask:

It is a clever move to ask your users to rate when they are happy. Leverage real-time app analytics, that enables to pop up feedback in-app message when your users are feeling positive about your app. This way, users will feel happy and less hesitated to rate your app.

Secondly, Ask yourself if it is too early to ask for the next review. Leave a prompt time interval between the reviews

Smart move to negative remarks:

It is very common to get a negative remark. But you can move it smart without affecting your App store rating. Create an in-app messaging funnel, that enables users to give their feedback as and when they feel a difficult move. This will reduce the probability of hitting on the review button when they feel dissatisfied.

Showcase the benefit of your ratings:

If you enjoy using Notes,

Would you mind taking a minute to rate it?

It won't take more than a minute

Thanks for your support!

The first message is clear. But the benefit you are going to derive is not transparent to the users.

If you enjoy using Notes,

Would you mind taking a minute to rate it?

It would help us improve on app features

Thanks for your support!

The second message is clear and it delivers the benefit clearly to the users, ‘Improve on App features’

Read and Reply to reviews:

Most of the app store reviews are left unanswered. When you reply back to the reviews and fix them right, the next time rating from them will be high.Simple yet effective tip

Hi John

Thanks for taking time to review Notes

We are delighted that You liked our product

Hi Alex,

Thanks for letting Us know

Our technical team is working on fixing the bug and it will be resolved as earlier as possible

Reward users for rating the app:

Give away promo codes, offers or gifts for reviews. Seems inappropriate. But, still works.

A/B test your review messages:

Leverage A/B testing to understand which one of your review requests are driving more attention. Because a clear message will kick-start the process of filling the reviews.

Enjoying Notes?

Tap a star to rate it on the app store

If You Enjoy Using Notes,

Would You mind taking a minute to Rate it?

As an app marketer, Concentrate on improvising your app store rating, as it has an explicit impact on App Store Optimization which can influence your apps to rank higher on search charts.

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