Understanding digital marketing analytics 

for app marketing campaigns

Posted on July 03/07/18

Why Metrics are so important for app marketing campaigns

Marketing is everything, which makes your app stand out from the crowd. According to a survey, it is estimated that by 2020, there would be 2 million active apps worldwide and so there is an increasing demand in the unique way of app marketing

By infusing so much of efforts in the app marketing, we need to check whether it yields proper results or not. To manifest your valuable efforts, we need to undertake digital marketing analytics for better insights into business growth

Here is a list of metrics by which you can assess and improvise your app marketing campaigns

Sources of traffic

Trafficking is an essential source of marketing, to gain more traffic segment your users and then target them with your content. There are five sources of driving traffic to your website or the app

Organic, people get served first with the top listed site content. Organic traffic is more vital to bring long-term loyal users

Direct is when people directly enter your URL and get into your website. This happens when your website is mere popular in use by the users

Referrals are users who come from other website links to your site. You need to concentrate more on marketing and other media links sharing to gain more referrals to your site

Socials are users who get redirected from your social media sites. Your social media pages should be updated every now at once for good impression

Paid is when users come through various sources of paid content, promoted content and also by clicking the paid ad

Organic traffic yields long-term relationship and engagement, that is the reason why most of the competitors focus on it, they process more on search engine optimization(SEO)

To make an effective SEO, first off understand and determine your driving source of traffic and fix your focus whether on brand awareness or social engagement

Site Load Speed

According to a survey, it was found that 40 percent of people abandon a website that takes more than three seconds to load. Oh no! You are losing an ample amount of traffic because of the site speed

There are some key areas for optimal speed of your site

Image size: Your pictures shouldn’t necessarily be of higher pixels to be displayed on the website. Make sure you compress and resize them according to how you want it to be displayed on the page

Site code (CSS, JavaScript, and HTML): To keep your load time short, try to minimize the HTTP requests and keep your code compact by combining your CSS files into one, and doing the same with JavaScript. You can also minify CSS and JavaScript to compress the code and remove unnecessary characters

Content Distribution Networks (CDNs): Be sure you’re using a CDN to help decrease the distance your website information has to travel to your website visitors

You have to improve your site speed such that your users don’t get frustrated and leave your page


Create content of what customer loves! Your content in the marketing campaigns should have the potential of gaining new customers

By tracking your visitors like how many blogs do they read, which content they engage in more, how much time they spend in your content. Likewise, analytics will help you create content that will be preferred by your visitors and stay longer with higher engagement rate

So how do you make your content speak?

Create content in a way that is helpful and engaging to the visitors which in turn establishes trust and expertise. It should help them identify their problem or need

And also most importantly, your content should provide the solution for their problem

Click through rate

Ads are an integral part of app marketing campaigns which fetches you a major revenue. So the ads should fetch you an income, which can be easily measured by the click-through rate

The success lies in providing your audience with what they like, need or want. Display ads which are more relevant to them

When there are more people clicking ads it means they are the specific target audience, also the landing page meets the expectations in the given ad and a strong offer. Whereas when you have a lesser click-through rate, try A/B testing, update landing page and be more specific to the audience

Social media analytics

Social media analytics is a better measure of engagement. This refers to the number of likes, comments or shares a particular post receives

Check which of your social media pages(facebook, twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram) have more engagement and conversion. Also, check the frequency of posts and time where you get more engagement on social media which accounts that you are on the right track of marketing campaign

Always keep tracking of your traffic and engagement from social media. If you’re getting a number of contacts and qualified leads from social, it might be time to focus on beefing up your social presence to drive more engagement

Number of email subscribers

Anything and everything might change except that Email Marketing always found to be the effective and efficient marketing strategy ever used till now

Try increasing your email subscribers list and also have a check in case of exchange of any valuable information as the ebooks, poster, news or any offers

This makes them feel valuable and informative, which can also deliver information relative to the app and also useful to the customer

Lifetime customer value

One of the most valuable metric to watch and track. If you know what a customer is worth to your business, you will know how much to spend in order to acquire a new customer

For instance, if a customer is worth $1000 dollars, you can spend up to that amount and still be profitable. Once you figure out this number and acquire customers below this rate, you can bring an unlimited supply of customers directly on autopilot

Knowing which digital marketing analytics are important to your bottom line will help you stay focused on things that matter. Before that, you need to figure out the key indicators and how they help your business goals. Then create an action plan to outperform your content and marketing campaigns

Ignorance is no longer a bliss, the more you know about the customer, the more you can serve them

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