User Retention Best Practices

Posted on May 16/05/18

In this blog, we will be discussing few noteworthy practices that will be helpful for you to retain your users in a better way

Tracking user journey:

Understand how users traverse through your app. Leverage analytics to understand your users' activities. Provide them with all support required.

Cohort analysis allows you to understand how often users are returning, in a set period of time. Cohort analysis groups together people who have started using your app at approximately the same time and shows you, in percentages, how many are returning.

To know more about Walinns Cohort, Visit our Blog: User Retention with Walinns Cohorts

Listen to your Users:

Get to know the feedback about your last service to your users.

Dear John,

How did you like the denim you purchased last week?

Did you purchase it for yourself or others?

Was the fit good?

This kind of feedback will throw insights into User satisfaction. And, it will give you an opportunity to improve on things that can increase your customer satisfaction level. This will also help you to understand the pain areas and try to resolve them. As long as they see customer-centric value in your app, they tend to stick to your app.

Do “Customer Service” Different:

Respond quickly to your user queries and requests. When they know, you are there for them, will create a bonding towards the app. But this is what all the apps out there do. Do you want to differentiate yourself from others, then you have to do customer service different.

Through continuous analysis, try to understand and predict the queries, and provide them with all the information in prior, this is an additional yet good quality app experience that you can provide to your users.

Gift your users with what they want & Win- back:

It is a clever move to retain one heavy user than several light users. User segmentation is the key here. Segment your users based on the activities they perform in your app, cluster them and target them specifically. Reward them with what they expect. It may be coupons or discounts. This can give them a reason to come back for more.

Act proactively when you feel that your users churn? Understand the reasons. You can collect feedbacks through emails or messages. As well, leverage the power of analytics to understand when and why they churn. Tell them you have new advancement in the features. Lure them with incentives. Get back their attention.

Thank your users:

There is always a value built when you thank your users. Thank them for the purchase they made; services they availed. It can be a ThankYou note through push notifications, in-app messages or emails. Aswell, it can be a GiveAway for the best of the best users.

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