User Segmentation Vs User Persona! Use it Right!

Posted on August 01/08/18

Ever you got confused with the terms customer segmentation and user persona, you’re not the only one with these indecisions its perpetual among marketers.customer segmentation and user persona are top listed crucial steps in the making of personalized strategies in marketing

A single line explanation to make you cool about these terms, segmentation is a higher level of classification kind with the large scale of research whereas user persona speaks about a person by adding a layer of real-world consideration to the conversation like their experiences and motivations

Customer segmentation

Customer segmentation is the grouping of users based on their actions taken in the app, the homogeneous data chunks are processed after a large scale of research. The data is tailored to construct a base about user preferences and how products work for them

The process sounds simple but its complex in action. Because to segment users, you can’t just gather a percentage of users into one group and the rest in other by yourself. Segmentation needs proper analysis and understanding user by conducting some quantitative research

Deeper segmentation can retrieve in-depth information when users are grouped based on distinct characteristics like demographic information like age, gender or location or behavioral and psychographic pieces of information like opinion, likes, type of purchases, interests, and life stage

You can build a better empathy and target your right audience with these data. You got the data, build better strategies to increase engagement and conversions since details about every nook of your app and its users are brought to you hand by segmentation. It is valuable for you to make sure that your product and its values reach the right people but it doesn’t provide deeper insights into a user but about the group of users. Know more about the best practices of customer segmentation

User Persona

With the insights about user segmentation, you wonder what user persona would be? Previously you might have thought that both are same. Now recognise what user persona is all about

The user persona is an indirect pathway to build a better empathy, it is a creation of mimic profiles that represent user group of similar values, behavior, and goals. To understand better about their prospects on a more personal level

Often you will be given lectures that segmentation and user persona is same, with my knowledge about segmentation and user persona, I will suggest you get your segmentation process done first and right. User persona with detailed description without segmentation will not relate and will not produce accurate data. In simple terms segmentation groups homogeneous users and persona find valuable purpose from the users

User persona will be created with the following attributes like the behavior of the user, their attitude, and user journey. It picturizes much better fictional customer within the segment. They will help you to build a story about the users with their segmented data which is extracted from the source like real-time user experience

Leverage engagement with the segmented user persona

Increasing engagement is easily possible with niche marketing, which is accomplished when the user persona is mixed up in the right proportion with the segmentation of the application

Let’s get deeper insights with an example, consider a fitness app which is aiming to bring in more active customers to its app, the main thing to be concentrated in the number of active users on daily weekly and monthly basis

Their segmentation process will be like they segment users to move from basic level to premium and users completing different fitness levels. Now user persona can be collected within specific data like user data who moved from basic to premium level and segregating them underage, gender and location

This user profile will get detailed data about users, to enhance the user engagement the user persona can be used for more effective marketing

Use the right tool at the right time

Understanding every single users is technically no possible but you can profile users of various kind as models. Segmentation and user persona both are different and they are used in different stages of user data analysis. Target audience with much qualitative and quantitative data to provide a better business and competition

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