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Why Digital Marketing is Important for Small Business in 2020

Posted on 09/10/2020

How much time do you spend online? Almost half of the day! Being online doesn’t mean only the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. it is everything that you search online through internet. Almost 33% of a person’s time per day is spent online. Especially in this pandemic situation, everything is made online. This is the best time for small businesses in the world to reach great heights. Wondering how to achieve that? The best way is through “DIGITAL MARKETING”. If you are about to start a small business or already own a small business, Great! You are in the right place for a good read.

Digital Marketing brings a future to the small businesses by taking them online and bringing more leads and reach to the business. The main target of a small business will be to have a brand identity, brand visibility and gain the attention of their valuable customers. This is the best way by which you can tell your customers who you are, what your business is about, how unique you are compared to your competitors and so on. All these can be achieved by digital marketing easily and efficiently. Digital marketing has the following strengths: high conversion rates, cost-effective, interact more with the target audience, brand identity and visibility, better ROI.

Benefits of using digital marketing for Small business:

1. Helps to build better customer relationship.

In the current situation, it is very easy for a business to lose customers because everyone is searching for better options each day. So it is very important to retain the customers we gain and this can be done by building a very good customer relationship. Digital marketing helps you keep connected with your loyal customers like: posting testimonials of happy customers, responding well for the customers’ comments, retargeting the customer for the product they have already bought, etc.

2. Helps to know more about the customers.

A challenge for small businesses is to attract customers and convert their leads to potential customers. This can be achieved by knowing their customers well and satisfying their needs. Digital marketing helps in tracking the online habits of the customers, understanding their problems, interests, etc. and providing better solutions to them. Once this research is done and better services are provided the business will gain loyal customers.

3. Compete equally with their large business competitors.

Digital marketing doesn’t demand more cost for small businesses. It is the same for both small and large businesses. But the only thing is it needs the usage of more digital marketing tools and some creativity. With better and efficient digital marketing strategies and some creative thoughts, small business will be able to compete equally with their large business competitors.

4. Multichannel approach to increase conversion rates.

Potential customers for your business can be online at any platform. Digital marketing offers a multichannel approach by making your business visible everywhere through social media marketing, Google and Facebook ads, SEO, etc. This helps you reach the more targeted audience.

5. Affordable than traditional marketing.

Most of the small businesses may not be able to advertise in TV ads, radios, etc. But anyone and any business can advertise efficiently through digital marketing at an affordable rate which also brings a lot of benefits.

6. Every metrics and ROI can be measured easily.

Traditional marketing cannot be measured. But by implementing digital marketing to the business you can easily measure what are the techniques that are working and what are not working for your business.


You have come to the end of the article. Hope you got a complete idea on why digital marketing is important for small business in 2020. Hurry up! Your competitor is already using digital marketing in his business. Don’t make it too late to start with it.

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