Digital Marketing is so famous in COVID Pandemic. Why?

Posted On 04/11/2020

We very well know that the COVID-19 pandemic has virtually affected every aspect of our life and marketing is also a part of it. All over the world, businesses are forced to adapt to new marketing strategies. In a recent survey, it is seen that almost 58% of the businesses have undergone a decrease in their turnover due to the pandemic situation. Remaining 48% of the businesses are retaining their place in the trade market as they already follow a digital marketing strategy. The only thing this 48% of the businesses should do is to improve their digital marketing strategy.

The internet is playing an important role in our lives since the pandemic had started. There is a need for the businesses to focus on online marketing to create a virtual brand image among the people because that is the place where their customers are. People can’t focus on traditional marketing in the current situation as there are some reasons like social distancing. Digital Marketing would be the right choice at such a situation as it is more affordable.

Digital Marketing is building more brand visibility and increasing traffic for businesses online. So it has become important for businesses to focus more on long term digital marketing strategies as the competitors have already started doing it!

Why Digital Marketing In COVID Pandemic?​

1. Reach more people online – The place where the customers are!

People have started to spend most of their time online in this
COVID pandemic as every sector of business has brought its digital presence. So by using digital marketing businesses can easily target their valuable customers and have a great reach to their business.

2. Opportunity for more leads

In the current situation, the offline marketing channels have declined and it is a great opportunity for the businesses to increase their leads by understanding their customers and needs through their online presence and providing them with the better products/ services.

3. More time to focus on the right marketing strategies

As most of the competitors of your business are using the online marketing techniques it is very much important for your business to plan and follow the best online marketing strategies. So digital marketing leaves you a way to implement all the strategies and follow the best strategies among them.

4. Cost-efficient 

Since the pandemic had started everyone are running out of money. Traditional marketing can cost you more but digital marketing is affordable and gives better results compared to traditional marketing.


You have come to the end of this article. Now you know why digital marketing is so famous in COVID pandemic. So start exploring your skills in digital marketing and effectively increase your business marketing.

Sowmya, digital marketing enthusiast at Walinns. She loves blogging, photography and doing cool kinds of stuff in data understanding and visualization.

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