How to keep your users engaged

So you’ve tasted the success getting people to download your mobile app. Stage 1 completed. Now comes tough part: How do you keep your customers engaged with your app once they have downloaded it?

The mobile app landscape is very competitive with over millions of apps vying the user attention. For every Snapchat, Tinder, and Whatsapp there are thousands of mobile apps that loose users interest in months.

According to Statica, it’s estimated that there are roughly 103bn apps downloaded in 2015-2016, making over $41.1bn-with that number expected to grow more than double by 2017, to 268bn.

What’s interesting to note is that only16% of downloaders will use an app more than twice. Further to that, Nielsen suggests that of those apps downloaded, some 70% comes directly from the top 200 apps on the market, which include including Facebook, Twitter, Google Chrome and Instagram.

It’s not that people don’t like using your apps. But with superstars with such as Facebook, Snapchat and Youtube usually taking the lead roles on mobile devices, it can be quite a challenge for the average app marketer to get some screen time.

To grab the attention of users, we present the following tips that would help you to improve app engagement numbers.

1. Drive Downloads with App Store Listing

Your engagement with users begins right from the App Store. So it’s important to strengthen the bond right from the start.

To start addressing this problem, consider the following points, such as what kinds of difficulties your app aims to crack, how to resolve those complications, and why people should download your app at all. Instead of defining the features of the app, try to define the benefits users are going to get by downloading your app.

2. Easy onboarding process

Providing a seamless onboarding experience can help significantly reduce abandonment rates. The more difficult it is to begin using an app – too many steps to signup, too many information fields, confusing feature- the more likely users are to abandon it.

The first-time user experience in imperative. Make logins and account creation easy. Don’t overload users with information from the word go. Instead, offer feature/functionality education as the user gets to that feature.

3. Performance matters

Yeah, you heard it right! With rides getting booked within a tap of a button, pizza delivered with a tweet, the community has grown more demanding than ever. Anything slower than two seconds is considered slow in the app world. To avoid users abandoning your app, it’s important you focus on speed as an intrinsic feature. You would be able to establish yourself as a reliable provider of mobile app development services.

4. Push Notifications

Push messaging in the notification center is an effective way to reach users who have already expressed interest in updates from you. With deep linking becoming more powerful than ever, you should take the complete leverage of deep linking to keep your customers engaged.

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