Retention Analysis

How loyal are your users to your app? Walinns Retention analysis can provide you insights about how often your users return and engage with your app.

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Analyze User

Analyzing your user retention helps you to understand your product’s growth. Retention measures how often users are returning to your app after the initial event.


Measure Your Product

By analyzing and measuring your product features, you can understand why users are coming back to your product.


Easier Onboarding

Retention can help you in finding the loopholes in the onboarding process, by measuring it you can reduce your churn rate.

Use Cohorts to Measure User Retention

User Retention with Cohorts

As we know, that not all users are created equal. Some spend more time on your app than others, and some may leave your app after signup and so on. Walinns user retention cohorts can tell you how often your users come back and engage with your app.


Measure your customer loyalty

Everyone wants their users to keep coming back and use their service offerings more often. Walinns helps brands to measure and visualize how long and often users return to your app and make a purchase.

Businesses can make use of these data to create marketing campaigns and re-engage with them via personalized push notifications.

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